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Fraser Coutts & Partners

Fraser Coutts & Partners is a specialist private International Brokerage and Advisory boutique focused on private off-market real assets.

We support businesses and individuals with their off-market private physical assets or asset backed deals (anything from buying and selling property, to tech companies, to renewable energy, to art collections, to gold, to rough diamonds, to wine).

Our four core business lines are: real estate broking, economic advisory, corporate finance and private asset broking. This entails discretely bringing together buyers/sellers and projects/investors – working with on-boarded clients, full project information or search requirements and retained Mandate in place.

Geographically, across all business lines the deals are around 40% UK and 60% International. Our deals are £1m+ and typically in the £10-50m mid-market range.

To learn more about Fraser Coutts & Partners, and to engage with us in the strictest of confidence regarding your project or requirement, check out our website at