Jonathan Lane / S R Consulting

SR Consulting shows its SME business owners how to transform from potentially being busy doing the wrong things to purpose driven business leaders with a deep understanding of what is truly driving their business, and then provide them with all the business tools they need to become more profitable.

We typically work with SME business owners who want to grow their business and those who realise all is not where they want it to be. Our normal starting point is a check on the business’s health – what is going well and where further development might be needed. We work with the business owners to crystallise what is important to them in terms of their business, develop ways to achieve these goals and work with them to make them a reality. We provide on-going support often operating as an external Board providing insight and direction.

GDPR is a specific business area where we are supporting our clients now. We have developed several tools to help them assess their data protection issues and develop solutions that will help them move towards compliance.