About The Aylesbury Group (TAG)

The Aylesbury Group was set up in December 2017 and is run by a Development Committee of Bolton Services, EIC Insurance Services, Haines Watts, Metro Bank & Tracer Finance, supported by Angus Grady, Massimiliano Giorgeschi Photography, Net Impact Vision and SR Consulting.

TAG focuses on Members holding senior positions within professional businesses, normally limiting to one Member from each profession or sector.

“We are delighted that TAG has quickly established itself as such a vibrant group of senior professionals covering in and around Aylesbury Vale and further afield.  The group typically has around 40 members signed up as annual members.

Members are encouraged to bring guests as well as colleagues to the meetings.  This helps keep TAG a broadly based group and gives Members the opportunity to help assist both the business sector and the wider community.

There is a Private Group in LinkedIn® so that TAG Members can keep the conversations and updates going amongst the group beyond the monthly TAG meeting.

We wish TAG to continue to evolve and we shall be delighted to have contributions from its Members in how we all move forward with the group.  TAG is much more about giving a suitable platform for the Members to develop and profile their businesses than promoting TAG itself.”

Paul J Bolton, TAG’s Chairman September 2019

Paul Bolton
Bolton Services Limited

Ian Styles
EIC Insurance Services

Lesley Carter
Tracer Finance

Abdul Sadek
Metro Bank

Shaun Brownsmith
Haines Watt


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