Adriana Horrocks – Cleaning Services / ABM Eco Cleaning Services

We are a Commercial and Construction Cleaning Business. We have over 20 years’ experience. We believe that Contract management is a key area where we differentiate ourselves from the competition. We have a wealth of experience of delivering services to a range of public and private sector clients where the quality of cleaning is a business-critical function.

ABM is proud to be associated with, amongst others Oxford Brookes University and Tesco (Adriana was the Regional Director for a nationwide Facilities Management Company and is familiar with the requirements for cleaning), ABM Eco Contractors has a number of significant contracts at commercial sectors including: Factories, GP’s, Nurseries, Schools, Dental practices, Aylesbury Town Council and Lloyds Bank building. At the Construction sector with Graham, Kier, Quinn, Bam, Mc Laughlin and Harvey, B&K. All of these client’s demand high standards have a regulatory environment to adhere to and strict safeguarding processes. The long-term nature and high retention rate of our contracts is testament to our excellence in service delivery. At the heart of our success is our focus on customer requirements, the training and management of a high-quality workforce, our willingness to be flexible and the passion we have for customer service.