The 53rd Meeting of The Aylesbury Group (TAG) was held at The Watermead Inn.

Great feedback again from this month’s meeting of TAG and many thanks to all those attending..

Meeting sponsor was Arwyn Bailey from TL Media with an inspiring and informative informal presentation mainly centring on devoting quality time and effort to use LinkedIn and other marketing channels to promote your business. Far better to stand out and push on with your marketing when your market is quiet – don’t wait until it all picks up and just competing with everyone else. Also use the various professional services that are available to enhance your marketing, such as photography.

We have the superb benefit of three photographers in TAG, with Arwyn BaileyDaniel Atkinson and Steve Groves offering complementary services and great wide-ranging experience….

TAG is a very experienced group of senior professionals, working for clients in and around Aylesbury Vale and beyond. The group continues to develop and we have new enhancements being rolled out over the next couple of months.

Paul Bolton

Chairman – The Aylesbury Group