Our third meeting in 2023 of The Aylesbury Group at MIYA Japanese Grill and Bar in Aylesbury. TAG’s 65th meeting which was chaired by James Cross from Metro Bank.

TAG Member Karen Pawlowska gave a superb presentation all about preparing for and appearing on video, including using a mirror! Lots of really good hints and tips on how to make the best impression on camera, and have an enjoyable, stress free experience.  It was all received very well by our members and guests. For full details contact Karen Pawlowska at www.TakeOneTV.com

Great to welcome Iain ANDRE as TAG’s newest member.

TAG Members hold senior positions within professional businesses in and around Aylesbury Vale. If you would like to know more about TAG and opportunities to join or work with TAG to develop your business, then please make contact us at The Aylesbury Group.

Photo credit John Groves, www.TakeOneTV.com

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 04 April, at MIYA.

Paul Bolton

Chairman – The Aylesbury Group